Photography by Gregoire Thibault

Alice Martucci is a dancer based in Copenhagen since 1998. After graduating from the Danish National School of Performing Arts in 2002 she has been dancing in other choreographers work, participating in collaborative projects and establishing her own practice.

As a dancer Alice has worked, among others, with choreographers Alice Chauchat (Ensembling 2019), Matilde Mørk (Orddans 2014), Camilla Stage (True Love 2013), and Søren Sundby (Umweltish 2005). She has been also performing in works by visual artists as Yvette Brackman (Agit Mem 2016) and Uffe Isolotto (Dance Demo Real 2013).

Alice has been part of the collaborative project Choreographic Games (2015-16) with Lea Petersen and Kai Merke. She has been working with Petersen and Stine Frandsen at the project Hosting Paradox in 2018 and they are now collaborating with the composer Alexander Holm for Unisons. Another actual project that is taking form is Moirai, about time and imagination.

Alice’s own work revolves around the investigation of the power of association and assemblage in the context of dance improvisation. This interest has taken different shapes starting with the video-projects Oggettivamente, Soggettivamente and Distracting the Self  in 2012/13. Those experiments consisted in a documented practice of time framed tasks, investigating moods and states of mind in company of randomly picked up objects. In 2014 Alice gathered a group of colleagues to participate to Felix, an exploration of how to create a dance from the observation of moving objects. The project WHO, in residency at Laboratoriescenen in Copenhagen in 2015, was an experiment, that applied some of the scores found in the previous research to the organization and functioning of light sources in a black box situation.

Since 2016 Alice has been following the work of Alice Chauchat, both as her student (Impuls Tanz, Vienna 2016/17), and as her assistant in different teaching situations (HZT, Berlin 2017/18, Praxisfestivalen, Oslo, 2018). Through the collaboration with Chauchat Alice has experienced a dance which embraces different temporalities.

Taking this personal experience as starting point she begun investigating how multiple times can coincide in one and what happens if such multiplicity is disclosed and highlighted through a choreographic practice. The last projects Unisons and Moirai have in common this interest about a layered and folded time.

They both take outset in the practice of dancing as well as observing dance but also open up to other sources and forms to find strategies to support the materialization of parallel times and their invisible agencies.