Photography by Gregoire Thibault


2022/2024 – Master in Choreography, The Danish National School for Performing Arts, Copenhagen
2015/2018 – Bachelor’s Degree program in Theater and Performance Studies at the University of Copenhagen
2016 – “Specialization: performance”, freestanding course with Linn Hilda Lamberg, Erik Berg and Eleonora Fabião at DOCH, Stockholm
2015 – “Relational Choreography”, freestanding course with Petra Sabisch at Copenhagen University
1998/2002 – BA in Dance & Choreography, The Danish National School for Performing Arts, Copenhagen
1992/1997 – High School for Classical Disciplines, Liceo Michelangelo, Florence


2021 – CARTONE an investigation about a dance which includes cardboard as a dancing patner, as a place of memory and as a material to build a moving landscape
2018/22 – UNISONS continuing the research started with HOSTING PARADOX in collaboration with Lea Vendelbo Petersen, Stine Frandsen, and Alexander Holm (perfromances: Mancy in 2022, Simple Dance 2020)
2019/20 – MOIRAI  choreographic practice inspired by the mythological figures of the Moirai in collaboration with Birgitte Skands and Peter Vadim, BIRKA, Bornholm
2017/18 – HOSTING PARADOX a research around the concept of unison, in an expanded sense, in collaboration with Lea Vendelbo Petersen and Stine Frandsen, Aaben Scene, Aarhus
2015 – WHO a light-design investigation in residency at Laboratoriescenen, Dansehallerne, Copenhagen
2014 – FELIX an experiment in residency at Forsøgstationen, Copenhagen
2013 – EX-01 work in progress presented at Loona Night, Dansehallerne, Copenhagen
2012 – OGGETTIVAMENTE/(S)OGGETTIVAMENTE/DISTRACTING THE SELF video documenting practice, Copenhagen


2021 – LOST TITLE, Sara Hamming, Astrid Noack Atelier, Copenhagen
2021 – I TURN RIGHT AND THE SPACE MOVES LEFT, collaboration between UNISONS and the visual artists Ulla Eriksen, Maria Michailidou and Mette Borup Kristensen, Antikmuseet, Aarhus
2019 – ENSEMBLING , Alice Chauchat, Uferstudios, Berlin
2018 – PHILO-PHYSICAL LECTURES, Birgitte Skands, Bådteater, Copenhagen
2017 – VINDSPEJLET, Stine Frandsen and Ruth Johanne Andersson, Ofeliasplads, Copenhagen
2017 – RELATING TO “TASTE OF STONE” with Matilde Mørk at Otobong Nkanga’s exhibition, Kunstahl Aarhus
2014 – PASSING THROUGH, David Zambrano, Biennale College, Venezia
2014 – ORDDANS, Matilde Mørk & Bjørn Friis Thomsen, Medicinsk Museion,  Copenhagen
2013 – TRUE LOVE, Camilla Stage, Loona Night, Dansehallerne, Copenhagen
2013-- NOT MY PIECE, Martin Schick, Holbaek Theater, Copenhagen
2009 – TERRA NOVA: SINFONIA ANTARTICA, dj Spooky & E.K.K.O., Statens Museum for Kunst, Copenhagen
2005 – UNWELTISH, Søren Jakob Sundby, Dansescenen, Copenhagen
2005 – TAMED, Helene Jeune Niclasen, Dansescenen, Copenhagen
2004 – GLIMT, Gabriella Grundemar, Bora Bora, Aarhus
2003 – MEMORIA, Klara Elenius, Dansstationen, Malmö
2003 – I DIT BILLEDE, Pernille Garde, Kanonhallen, Copenhagen


2016 – AGIT MEM, Yvette Brackman
2015 – GAMES PEOPLE PLAY, Matilde Mørk
2013 – DANCE DEMO REEL, Uffe Isolotto
2010 – VELO-CITY, Carolina Baäckman


2018 – Co-teaching with Alice Chauchat, HZT, Berlin
2017 – Teaching assistant for Janet Panetta, HZT, Berlin
2017 – Professional training, Dansehallerne, Copenhagen
2017 – Teaching assistant for Alice Chauchat, HZT, Berlin


2019 – Participating in the Research Lab ON THE NOTION OF PRACTICE organized by Dansehallerne, Copenhagen
2018/19 – Holding a weekly open practice based on Alice Chauchat’s scores from the booklet Companions, Telepaths and Other Doubles, Copenhagen
2016 – Participating in NOBODY’S DANCE, Copenhagen
2015 – Initiating CHOREOGRAPHY GAME with Lea Vendelbo Petersen and Kai Merke, an open practice with the intention to continue the collective research started during Petra Sabisch’s freestanding course at Copenhagen University
2009 – Participating in CHOREOSOUND, Laboratory on Composition of Contemporary Dance & Music, Gothenburg
2007 – Participating in EX:CHANGING MEMORIES OF MOVEMENT, Laboratory organized by Sara Gebran and Andres Paulin, Dansescenen, Copenhagen