UNISONS is a performative investigation into
the relationship between the fragment and the whole.

The dance is like a kaleidoscopic image where the focus goes from the single element to the whole picture and back.
By reflecting each other movements, emotions and imaginations the dancers explore the porous threshold between inside and outside, personal and shared.

They oscillate between the experience of their own dancing
as individual expression and the experience of an all-including dance of unlimited participation.
Is it possible to commit to a common dance and at the same time access the dance by fragmenting it into personal interpretation?

In this process of reflection and oscillation new elements are emerging in the space. The dancers’ practice of attention is intended to contaminate the audience in order to perceive subtle dimensions and translucent, ghostly figures.

UNISONS is a collaboration between dancers and choreographers Alice Martucci, Stine Frandsen and Lea Vendelbo Petersen.

The project is originally inspired by the score unison as a matter of fact from Alice Chauchat’s publication “Companions, Telepaths & Other Doubles” (2015).
In 2018 UNISONS was in residency at Aaben Scene in Aarhus where two open sharings with the audience took place.