Simple Dance is a dance performance that plays with the experience of coincidence and simultaneity.

Three performers meet each other on stage through games of attention. To reach for synchronicity they shape a common container of space and time where experiments of making visible the invisible and tangible the intangible are attempted/undertaken.
The intention is to find moments of unison that are a shared sensuous experience and that become accessible for the audience as well.

Simple Dance’s starting point is the choreographic practice UNISONS developed by the dance artists Lea Vendelbo Petersen, Alice Martucci, Stine Frandsen, and the sound artist Alexander Holm.

Simple Dance premiered in October 2020 at Aaben Scene in Aarhus.


We start by finding a connection by doing the same action at the same time. We recognize the small differences that are always present in our particular gestures when we attempt to be in unison, to be together, doing the same thing at the same time. But what are we looking for?

What if the unison is not something we do but an experience that includes us?

What if it is a meeting, a common action of convergence and collaboration?

A state of shared sensations, imaginations, thoughts?