by Alice Martucci 
in collaboration with dancers Birgitte Skands & Peter Vadim


Everybody is dancing, at all times they can choose between those activities:
//Keep on dancing
//Observing the other’s dance
//Observing the other’s dance and describing the parallel time (future/present/past) they see through that dance.
The description is made in the present tense


Inspired by the mythological figures of the Moirai in this practice we read parallel times in each other’s dance. A score invites us to become familiar with the dance and its multiple temporality through the practice of dancing and the one of describing what we see within and beside the dance.

There is a desire to share invisible experiences, to sustain the existence of the not here anymore or yet. Also there is a taste for storytelling and the possibility to animate each other’s imagination. A porous feed-back loop starts in which the dance and the descriptive narration happening at the same time influence one another. Together they open up for reflections about time, the feeling-perception of time, the significance of time, the way we measure and divide time, how time is controlled by social norms.